Hi Ya’ll!

So…BerryTree Portraits…you found us on the web, or a fabulous friend referred you to us…but…who are we?

BerryTree Portraits is a division of BerryTree Photography, still owned and operated by the same photographer – Sarah Bezila (soon to be Nelson…I’m getting married in less than a month!)

BerryTree Photography started out as a wedding business in Atlanta, GA.  Over the past 5 years I’ve shot many weddings, met incredible brides and grooms and even won a few awards (one being rated one of Atlanta’s #3 wedding photographers!)  Shooting weddings has allowed me to be quick on my feet (you only get one second to capture that perfect moment) and to learn lighting in incredible ways (you don’t often get to pick where you are shooting on a wedding day…you just have to use what you have and make the best picture possible)

All that said…I am now moving to Greenville to marry the love of my life!  (Yay!) And I’ll be adding a new venture to my photography business…portraits!  I’ll be shooting babies, kids, families, high school seniors, couples….you name it!  But don’t worry…I’ll keep using all of those skills I gained as a wedding photographer to create dynamic portraits different than most you’ve seen!  And let me just say I’m so excited to be shooting portraits again.  My degree is in Elementary Education and I LOVE working with kids…can’t wait to see all of their smiling faces!

Just look through the website to see my work and what I do, and if you love what you see, I’d LOVE to talk to you!

I can be reached through the contact form on this website, or your can email or call me:


I look forward to working with you soon!